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What are things you need to take care of
while going for 4d sonography?

Suppose you are going for the 4D sonography. In that case, you must get it with proper precaution and care, as 4D ultrasound sonography is the most exciting experience for the mother of the journey. Earlier, the mother had to wait 40 long weeks to see the real images of the baby.

Still, with innovation and remarkable research in 4D sonography, now images of the developing baby can be experienced by the parents.

But still, there are certain things you have to take care of while going for the 4D Scan:-

1. Get the details for who is scanning you.

It has been found that many states in India need the proper SOP or medical training to perform ultrasounds, and thus when going to any medical facility, you have to be sure that the staff is skilled. Do they have the proper license and certification to do these scans? Do they have the proper training to perform the task for the Scan?

These are the small but effective steps you must take care of while going for the 4D sonography.
Most Importantly, You have to ask the staff whether they are RDMS, i.e., registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. You can also ask them whether they are certified in these tasks.

2. When to do an ultrasound

Still, everyone has the question of when to have the Ultrasound because most need to know when to opt for the test Ultrasound. The proper baby structure can be determined after 16 weeks, and between 24-26 weeks, facial features become more defined and accurate. If you have twin babies, this is the best time to go for the Ultrasound.

Just in case you are only going to have one selective Ultrasound, then between 27-32 weeks is the best and most effective time because, at this week, the baby builds up the body fat and has the free room to roam around the womb of the mother.

The 33 and 37 weeks are also good times if the baby cooperates for the Scan because getting the necessary facial images at this stage becomes more challenging.

Do Drink plenty of fluids before going for the Scan. Every Doctor suggests drinking fluids before moving for the Ultrasound test, this is the most simple but effective task every mother should go with. The use is such that the drinking water will go to increase the quality and clarity of the amniotic acid in the mother, which is used to view the baby. It is important to note that we doctors rely on amniotic acid and hydration to have a perfect image of the Scan of baby because It usually takes a couple of days for the water you drink to turn into the amniotic fluid.

3. Eat before your appointment.

Eating something before you go for the test is necessary because it usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to go to the appointment in the clinic.

Have a glass of fruit juice before going for the Scan Drinking a glass of orange juice or apple juice will help the baby to be more active.

4. You can also Wear loose clothing before going for the test.

You have to wear pants or dress slightly below your hips during the Ultrasound, so it is necessary to wear loose clothing so that Ultrasound can be done comfortably because Ultrasound can take 15 to 30 minutes to finish.