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  • This Mammogram screening is done for those who usually don\'t feel any pain or symptoms of Breast Cancer.
  • It can be said as the elementary or the precaution taken by the medical practitioners to see if is there any changes in the breast nature.
  • This screening has been taken just to take up for the early detection of the symptoms of Breast Cancer.
  • It is a preliminary check to be done before the situation gets critical.
  • Diagnostic Mammograms are used for checking any doubtful changes in breast characteristics.
  • The unusual and unawared changes in the breast are easily mapped out in these tests.
  • The needy and extra images are used by Medical specialists to closely check and diagnose the breast and thus come up with a robust solution.

Who Should Take Mammogram

Women Average Risk

Women High Risk

Reasons For Breast Cancer

The early reason for breast cancer can be found when there is an earlier history of Breast cancer in the family.
It has been seen that obese and overweight women have caught the breast cancer.
Environmental factors, including exposure to radiation Previous exposure to radiation therapy in the chest area and intense UV radiation to the skin also cause the breast cancer.
Being pregnant at an older age or never being pregnant is also a cause of breast cancer.

Why Are Mammograms Important?

Choose 30 Minutes In 1 Years For Yourself, For Early Detection & Quick Cure of Breast Cancer!

How Do Mammograms Work?

First, you have to fix an appointment with the Doctor.

Follow the medical and necessary precautions before going for a mammogram test.

Visit Ruby Clinic for the test.

Discuss with the Doctor concerned about the result and thus do the further step.

Your one small step to take the Mammogram test can eradicate all your doubts about a breast health issue.

Why Should One Choose Ruby Clinic for Mammogram?

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Ruby Clinic follows the most agile and comfort giving service to its patients by following state-of-the-art technology.

Secure & Safe

Taking the test from the Ruby Clinic is safe and secure for its clients.

One-Stop Solution

Ruby Clinic is the one-stop solution for breast tests and diagnostics issues.

Experienced Professionals

The experienced and ace professionals from ruby are proficient in doing the critical test also with the precaution.

Unbeatable Accuracy!

Ruby Clinic offers accurate results and answers for the test which has been done.

Better Experience

With Ruby Clinic, one thing is sure one can get accurate results and needed support which can turn these all into a better experience for the patients.

Self Examination for Breast Cancer

  • Assume that your breast is a clock.
  • Using the flat portion of your finger press gently in small overlapping circles.
  • Start at 12 O'Clock right below your collarbone and move towards the nipple.
  • Make sure you don't miss an hour and also check for the area between the armpit and the breast.(Because this area contains the breast tissues).
  • Repeat the same method with the other breast also.
  • Gently raise your hand by placing your hand behind your head.
  • Use your left hand to examine yout right breast and vice versa.
  • With your finger flats (with some soapy) check for every part in circular motion.
  • Kindly check and see whether you feel any lump or thickening in the breast area.
  • First start with your arm at your side and then raised above your head and then look for the change in the size,shape contour of each breast.
  • Look for the texture , rashes and colour of the breast region.
  • Check for your nipples for any change in it, check that whether it is pulled in or not.
  • Put your hand on your hip tense and push the arm forward to make a pocket size position under the arm.
  • Check the required area and just repeat on the other side. Use the same method to check on the other side.
  • Use this same method to cYou can can use the sheck with the other breast by lying down.
  • ame method by resting on the firm surface and using the same circular motion to examine the underarm and rib cage area.

Do’s And Don’ts Before Your Mammography

Before going for the Mammography, one must know what essential precaution needs to be followed and what should be not. To give you every detail, Ruby clinic has created the Do's and Don't list for Mammography.



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1. Does mammogram cause pain?

It has been seen that some people might experience a little discomfort which usually lasts for seconds. You have to avoid mammogram tests immediately before or after the period. One week after the period is the best time.

2. Is self-examination necessary even after a mammogram?

Yes, It is essential to do the self-examination. Even after the mammogram.

3. Will the radiation used in mammograms harm me?

Significantly less amount of radiation is involved in a mammogram. But it will not cause much harm as all the tests have been done with great precision and care.